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The Missing: It's been five years since Samantha Fiddler was last seen

Fiddler bonded out of the Polk County Jail the night she disappeared.

POLK COUNTY, Fla. — Samantha Fiddler has been missing for five years. Her family has no idea what happened to her or where she is.

“We literally don’t know,” said her father Robin Fiddler. “That’s the agony of this whole situation we don’t have a clue our imagination can’t drum up what happened to our daughter.”

Her father says the native of Canada and mother of three has been missing since Nov. 19, 2016. She bonded out of the Polk County Jail after a trespassing charge out of Brevard County.

She disappeared the same day.

“She wanted to pursue a career in professional wrestling maybe a little bit of MMA so she went down to Florida to pursue this career,” said Fiddler's father. “She kept in contact with her family constantly - her sister. But, in November 2016 it stooped. It was like she dropped off the face of the earth."

The 29-year-old wanted a career in entertainment with her pro-wrestler boyfriend. Investigators say he was in Texas when she vanished and has never been a person of interest in the case. Her family is hoping each time they speak publicly, it could lead them to the break they need in the case.

“She mentioned there were some people who were angry with her but she wouldn't go into any detail. We don’t know anybody in Florida. All we know is our daughter is out there or something really bad happened to her," Fiddler's father said.