With all the terrible things going on in the world, the need for people to come together to support one another is more important than ever before. Now the youth of today are stepping forward and leading the charge to connect people through THE BIG HUG.

The kindness campaign was created by a group of children from the Tampa Bay area with the idea something as small as a hug could serve as a big message of love and compassion. These young activists are on a mission to help heal the world and to spread the Golden Rule message to treat others the way you want to be treated.

After all, hugs make people feel better regardless of what language they speak or how old they are.

With the help of the public, the kids will attempt to set a Guinness World Record on National Hugging Day for the largest group hug in St. Petersburg, FL on Sunday, January 21, 2018. They will need 12,000 people to do it. States all across the US are joining in by hosting simultaneous hugs at 12pm PT/3pm EST.

THE BIG HUG will also take place around the globe on the same day in countries such as South Africa, Nicaragua, Spain, UK, Germany, Brazil, Latvia, Peru, Guatemala, Dubai, Vietnam, Greece, Canada and Denmark. In Israel, Palestinian and Jewish children are uniting to form a hug.

Not only are they trying to help make the world a better place one hug at a time, they have an ambitious goal to raise funds and awareness for a cause that’s important to them – children in need. A donation of $10 or more sends a virtual hug to the renowned St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital. Or, to show support for the kids and their mission, donate $35 or more to receive an exclusive The Big Hug t-shirt and help support children’s hospitals.

These kids are no stranger to helping others responding anytime there is a crisis. They have fed thousands of people after hurricanes; gathered and distributed supplies after fires and tornados; cleaned up homes; delivered new furniture to a woman who flooded twice after Hurricane Katrina; wrote messages of love and support worldwide after tsunamis, earthquakes, shootings, and bombings; helped with human waste composting in Nicaragua; and even delivered Christmas to an entire South Carolina town after it was destroyed in a flood.

They want to change the world and with your help believe they can do it. There are many ways to support their efforts. Whether you buy a t-shirt, come to the hug, host a hug, or post a hug online…. everyone is encouraged to spread kindness this holiday season.

For more information or more details about how you can help email info@bighugday.com