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Students use cameras to show how they view the world

A new photo exhibit features student journalists' work.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — You can check out a unique photo exhibit on display in downtown St. Pete. 

Students in the Pinellas Schools Journalism program have been working hard for months to show their view of the city they live in.  It's called 'Through our Eyes: Midtown and Beyond.

"I like to make sure they're perfect, I like to put my own style to it." 

Looking at the world through school kids eyes. 

These 7th graders are happy to share what they see when they pick up a camera.  

Credit: 10News

Elizabeth Viscaino loves the experience. "Before I was like oh pictures, pictures, pictures. That's all it is, but now I understand it's like a multimedia thing. Everything kind of works together to form journalism itself."

Natalie El Amrani is the journalism teacher at Melrose Elementary. 

"You just give them a camera and they go with it and the things they come up with the things they see that I might not see is absolutely wonderful."

This year she had her classes focus on different cultures. 

"A lot of times people think our students are African American but we also have students from the Caribbean. We have students from Africa. And so we dove into that concept and broke it down for the students to understand." 

Credit: 10News

Viscaino enjoyed the project. "It helps you get a deeper knowledge of your community."

Students like Leonora Serrano discovered how to take a picture to tell a story. 

"I've learned how to do frames instead of just raising my arms and snapping pictures. I've learned how to get the right lighting, so many different things from so many different people. I think I like it a lot. I can definitely see myself doing this in the future."

You can see the student exhibit through Jan. 29 at studio 620 in St. Pete. 

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