Tampa was awarded another Super Bowl. Super Bowl LV will be played here in 2021, the league announced on Tuesday.

It was supposed to be played in Los Angeles, but since the stadium that’ll be shared by the Chargers and Rams won’t be ready until 2019, LA’s Super Bowl got pushed back a year. Since Tampa was the runner-up for the 2021 game, they now get it by default.

But it’s not quite a done deal yet. There are certain criteria the city of Tampa and Raymond James Stadium need to meet within 90 days before it’s official.

Some examples of the criteria…

  • "Exclusive, cost-free use of 35,000" parking spaces for gameday parking
  • If cellular service is too weak at the team hotels (based on the "sole discretion of the NFL"), the Host Committee must install boosters and/or cell antennas.
  • Under "additional facilities" the NFL requires the usage of three golf courses and two bowling lanes:

You can read the entire list of criteria for host cities here.