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The Hulk is back and ready if needed

Hulk Hogan is 61 and – presumably through the miracle of prayer and the science of vitamins – still keen to fight.
"It was good to throw a few haymakers and put these young guys in check and leave 'em laying," saud The Hulk, aka Terry Bollea

(Cincinnati Enquirer) -- Hulk Hogan is 61 and – presumably through the miracle of prayer and the science of vitamins – still keen to fight.

The professional wrestler seems to be rejuvenated by his return earlier this year to the WWE, the organization with which he became a star in the 1980s when it was known as the WWF.

Hogan, in Cincinnati this weekend for the WWE show at U.S. Bank Arena, talked about his desire to wrestle another match before he calls it quits.

Question: What do you have planned for this show in Cincinnati?

Answer: I'm making a special appearance there, brother. I'm kind of like running the show that night. Coming out to say hello to all the people that have supported me in Cincinnati for, oh my gosh, the last 35 years from the Cincinnati Gardens to everywhere else I've wrestled, the loyal Hulkamaniacs that are still there. I'm really good friends with a lot of people around Cincinnati. My wife is from Mount Healthy, so I know the whole area really well. And every once in a while the young guys kind of get up in my face, so anything is possible Saturday night.

Q: So there are no plans to fight, but it sounds like you could end up getting into one.

A: I didn't have any plans last Monday on Raw. With John Cena got jumped by a couple guys I had to help him out. So it was good to throw a few haymakers and put these young guys in check and leave 'em laying. Hey, like Vince McMahon says, never say never in the WWE.

Q: Should your fans be concerned about you getting in the ring? What age is too old to be doing that?

A: Gosh, I don't know, brother. I know Vince McMahon – I think he had his last match when he was 65 years old. Gosh, who knows? I guess it depends on the type of health you're in and how you feel. Everything is kind of like a calculated risk out there, because guys get hurt all the time, so you just never know.

Q: It appears as if you're angling to fight at Wrestlemania 31 in March.

A: I'm not angling for anything. I'm just angling to have my last match with this company. My last match that I had was not with this company, and I started with this company, and it just seems only fitting that, whatever it is, this is where I should have my final match, and I haven't have it yet. I'm training like I'm gonna get a shot at the world title next week, so I'm in great shape. I'm back down under 300 pounds, down to 295, training every day at the gym. I'm ready for the call of duty if they need me.

Q: There's so much talk about football and brain injuries. Can you estimate on how many concussions you've suffered in the ring over the years?

A: No idea. I never heard the word 'concussion' until I came back to the WWE this last time. They don't hit each other in the head with steel chairs anymore here, but they used to back in the day, and we would never put a hand up to protect ourselves. I've been knocked out a few times in there, but I have no idea how many concussions I've ever had.

Q: Do you think you've suffered any long-term effects?

A: No, brother. I'm way good to go, man. I'm sharp as a tack, brother. Don't have any problem. Remember everything I read. Read three books at a time. I'm real good with math, with numbers, like my dad was. I'm pretty much dialed in.

Q: Is it more fun to play the good guy or the villain?

A: In the ring, it's fun to be the bad guy, but 24 hours a day, when you have to talk to kids, and you see Make-A-Wish kids that love you, the bad guy stuff is not fun. I'd rather be a good guy 24 hours a day than a bad guy just for a few minutes in the ring.

Q: You played the role of a bad guy, and you pulled it off, but it didn't seem to come naturally.

A: No, brother, not at all. I'd much rather be who I am and a nice person. People are really nice in the world. The majority of every single person I meet is really nice. Some people get excited, and some people freak out when they accidentally run into me, but across the board most people are really nice, so I just like to treat people how they treat me. It's a lot of fun to be the good guy.