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Pedestrian signal fixed at Bryan Dairy Road

Pinellas Park, FL -- Drivers reported a signal timing issue at Bryan Dairy Road and U.S. Highway 19.

According to several drivers, the signals heading west on Bryan Dairy Road were not staying green long enough to move traffic through. During rush hour, traffic was backing up almost to 49th Street.

I drove the intersection myself and noticed the same issue. On Tuesday, the Pinellas County Traffic Engineering Department sent a signal technician to the intersection.

I worked with Traffic Engineering at Pinellas County Public Works to adjust the timing. It's a good thing they did because there was a bigger problem going on.

The pedestrian call button was turning on without anyone pressing the crossing button. This was unnecessarily stopping traffic. The signal technician fixed the malfunction and now there shouldn't be so much congestion along Bryan Dairy Road anymore.

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