PLANT CITY, Fla. — An in-home healthcare service in Plant City reportedly hasn’t paid its nurses in weeks. That’s what former employees told 10News after reaching out to us on our tip line for help.

Former employees at Oracle Home Health Care in Plant City said they have missed numerous paychecks and that some of their patients just stopped receiving care without any notice.

“Some of the patients I had I was very fond of and it was very difficult to not see them anymore and not contact them because I’m sure they wondered what happened to me,” said Elaine Heritage, who worked as a registered nurse for Oracle Home Health Care until she quit over not getting paid.

“I called my boss at the office and I said, ‘when are we going to be paid?’ and he said, ‘I have no idea’, and I said, ‘well I’m not going to work for you anymore then,’” said Heritage. “It just began to be a very sad saga of crying employees wondering how they’re going to feed their children so, that’s when I called [10News].”

10News has made repeated attempts to contact owners and management at Oracle but gotten no response.