Some of the stories you see on social media are so horrible, it's hard to believe they're true. This is one of them.

A post circulating on Facebook claims a lineman in Covington was assaulted at a restaurant over lingering power outages from Tropical Storm Irma. 11Alive's Kaitlyn Ross set out to verify whether this incident happened.

Unfortunately, she confirmed this is TRUE.

According to the lineman's wife, her husband had just passed by a Taco Bell to grab lunch during his 12-hour shift when a woman allegedly dumped her drink on him.

11Alive spoke to the city manager and lineman's wife who said the woman yelled "You have time to eat, but not fix my power...You make me sick," before pouring the soda on him.

The man's wife told 11Alive he was too shocked to do anything and just walked away.

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Police told 11Alive there is not a security camera in the area where the incident happened, and the lineman did not know the woman, so they can't file charges.

Despite that, the lineman is getting a lot of support online.

The reaction to what happened was overwhelming and everyone is in disbelief that someone would do that, no matter how frustrated they were over their power.


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