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No, a viral video does not show Nancy Pelosi and Paul Pelosi falling down the stairs

The video with more than 300,000 views actually shows a couple in an Irish bed and breakfast and is at least three years old.

People on Twitter are sharing a viral video of two people seemingly intoxicated, claiming it shows security footage of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and her husband, Paul Pelosi, after “a night out.” 

The video, which has more than 300,000 views, shows a couple with drinks in their hands struggling to walk up a staircase. Both of the people in the video didn’t make it, each falling down the stairs. 

“Can we talk about the security camera video of you and Paul coming home from a night out?” one tweet to Pelosi said. 

Another tweet says, “Here’s our speaker of the house who can’t walk into her house.”

VERIFY viewer B. Groves emailed us a link to the video and asked if it really was Pelosi and her husband. 


Does a viral video show Nancy and Paul Pelosi falling down the stairs?



This is false.

No, a viral video does not show Nancy and Paul Pelosi falling down the stairs.


Using InVID, a video verification tool, VERIFY analyzed frames of the video to conduct a reverse image search and was led to a 2019 article in The Daily Mail, a British tabloid, with the headline: “Ouch! 'Drunk' couple are caught on camera unsteadily making their way up B&B stairs drinks in hand... before one of them comes crashing back down again.”

According to the article, the couple was believed to have been staying at a bed & breakfast inn in Ireland when the crash landing occurred, not the Pelosi resident in Washington D.C. or California. The couple in the video was not identified in the article.

The footage in the article was credited to Triangle News, which is a video licensing company.

The woman’s face can be seen at the start of this better-quality video posted to Reddit that shows the same incident. It is clearly not Nancy Pelosi. 

At 1 minute and 30 seconds into the video, you can see the man’s face clearly in the video, and it is clearly not Paul Pelosi. Here is a photo of Nancy Pelosi with Paul Pelosi at a White House event on Sept. 23. 

Here is another photo of Paul Pelosi, and the man in the video, seen side-by-side:

Credit: Various

So, we can VERIFY that it is not Nancy and Paul Pelosi in the video.

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