A San Antonio woman is seeking damages in excess of $1 million after she says Popeye’s served her food containing flesh-eating screwworms.

According to the lawsuit, Karen Goode ate at the Popeye’s on 506 S. W.W. White Road in San Antonio. Here’s is how the lawsuit describes what happened to Karen after she arrived at the restaurant:

"Plaintiff purchased rice and beans from Defendants’ restaurant that contained flesh eating New World Screwworms, and Plaintiff unknowingly ingested the flesh eating screwworms. The flesh eating screwworms entered Plaintiff’s digestive track, laid eggs which embedded in the interior lining of Plaintiff’s small intestine, and when hatched, infested Plaintiff’s body and began to eat Plaintiff alive from the inside-out."

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, New World screwworms are maggots that infest livestock and other warm-blooded animals, including people, although human cases are rare. If left untreated, infestations can be fatal.

Goode is suing the Popeye’s corporation as well as Z&H Foods Inc., the Sugar Land-based company that owns the franchise location where she ate.

Her lawyer, Patrick Stomeier, was not immediately available for comment.

The full lawsuit document, filed in Bexar County, is available to read below:

Popeyes Lawsuit by kens5 on Scribd