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'Keep moving, baby:' Baby gator invades Tampa woman's home, is ushered out via Swiffer

The Facebook live documenting the ordeal has gone viral.
Credit: Sazan Powers/Facebook

TAMPA, Fla. — A woman in Tampa got an unpleasant surprise that could only happen in Florida -- a baby gator inside her home!

On Monday, Sazan Powers went live on Facebook to document her neighbor Erika Venza's predicament. According to Powers' video, Venza had left her patio door cracked open. That's when the little gator wandered into her home, according to Powers. 

Venza's dog barking at the scaly intruder alerted her to the gator's presence and she called Powers over to help. 

The video shows they were able to block the gator in Venza's kitchen area with TV boxes. The two women then assumed defense positions -- Powers on top of the kitchen counter, armed with a Swiffer, and Venza on top of a chair, armed with her cell phone and calling for help. 

"I don't want to hurt it, and I don't want it in distress, I just need it to get out of my friend's house," Powers said in the video.

The tense situation reached its climax around the 17-minute mark when the gator was about a foot away from the patio door. 

"Keep moving, baby, you're almost there," Powers says in the video. 

Eventually, victory is achieved when the baby gator walked out of the house and into Venza's backyard. 

"Bye, bro, thanks for hanging out," Powers says as the gator continues to mosey through Venza's lawn and to the pond behind her fence. "Don't go to my house," Powers added.

Warning: This video has strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.

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