AUSTIN, Texas -- White Lives Matter protesters have met with counter protesters during a rally currently underway outside the Capitol in Austin.

Authorities have lined the streets as protesters clash. As of 1:45 p.m., the protest remained peaceful.

The "Justice Under the Law" rally was set up to start at noon, not long after the unveiling of the Texas African-American History Memorial in the same area.

According to a Facebook event page set up by "White Lives Matter Too," the rally was set up to protest the application of hate crimes. A banner posted on the invite reads "prosecute black hate crimes."

A Facebook event page was also set up by counter protesters, asking people to organize and rally against "neo-Nazis."

"We're going to turn out in overwhelming numbers, drown out their message of hate, and show them the people of Austin will not stand for fascists organizing on our streets," read a post on the page. "Come out, bring your friends and a mask, and give them no platform!"

The unveiling of the Texas African-American History Memorial also happened outside the Capitol earlier in the morning. The memorial is the result of more than two decades of efforts by lawmakers.

According to organizers of the White Lives Matter protest, the rally wasn't intentionally scheduled the same day as the unveiling.