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WORKPLACE VIOLENCE | Stats and a timeline

<p>Images from outside Orlando business, where five people were killed, allegedly by a former employee (Getty image)</p>

Five people were killed in Orlando this morning in a workplace shooting. Police say a former employee walked in and started shooting. Before it was over, he'd take his own life.

Below are stats we found on violence in the workplace, along with other cases of workplace violence.


  • In 2011, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries announced the statistic that homicide is the second highest cause of workplace fatalities in the US and the number one cause of workplace fatalities for women.
  • 21 percent of workplace homicides are done by co-workers.
  • According to preliminary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 375 workers were killed in shootings while on the job in 2012. Robbers were the assailants in 33 percent of the workplace homicides involving shootings in 2012, while coworkers accounted for 13 percent.
  • From 1992 to 2012, 140 government workers were shot and killed by a coworker while on the job.
  • According to The National Center for Victims of Crime, in 2016 Workplace homicide levels have declined to 403, from 468 homicides in 2011 and 1,068 in 1993
  • Of all the ways people are killed at work, homicide made up 9% in 2016, with the mode of homicide being intentional shootings in 76.2% of cases.
  • 15 to 16 percent of workplace homicides in 2016 were inflicted by an employee, according to this chart.


1967 – Leo Held kills 6 at a paper mill in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

1976 – Janitor goes “berserk” and kills 7 at Cal State Fullerton

1982 – John Felton Parish shoots and kills 6 in Texas after a pay dispute

1986 – USPS worker Patrick Henry Sherrill shoots 20 and kills 14

1988 – An unreturned workplace infatuation escalates to a rampage killing of 7 people

1989 – Joseph Wesbecker turns to mass murder at Kentucky printing company Standard Gravure killing 9 and injuring 12

1999- Copier repair man Byran Uyesugi shot and killed 7 co workers at Xerox Corp in Honolulu

1999 – Over three days, day trader Mark O. Barton kills 12 including his wife and two children

2003- Doug Williams shot to death 6 coworkers and himself at Lockheed Martin in Mississippi

2006 – Female postal worker goes on a shooting spree at her former workplace and kills 6 before turning the gun on herself

2008- Press operator Wesley Higdon shot and killed 5 people at a Kentucky plastics factory

2009 – Nidal Malik Hasan kills 13 and injures 29 in the worst shooting incident on a US military base

2010- Warehouse driver Omar Thornton shot and killed eight co-workers at a Connecticut beer distributorship

2012- Andrew Engeldinger opened fire at a Minneapolis sign-making business killing 6 before killing himself

2014- UPS worker was fired after 21-years. He shot and killed two co-workers before killing himself.

2015- Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik opened fire at a workplace holiday party killing 14 and injuring 22.

2017- In Miami’s Coral Gables just last month two supervisors were killed at a trendy fitness club by a disgruntled trainer