A mom took to Facebook to express her thoughts on her child having too much homework.

Blogger Bunmi Laditan wrote that she’s noticed her child “getting more and more stressed when it comes to school.” Laditan also mentions her child is having chest pains and “dreads going to school.”

Laditan writes:

“Children need downtime after school the same way adults need downtime after work. They need to play with their siblings. They need to bond with their parents in a relaxed atmosphere, not one where everyone is stressed about fractions because - SURPRISE- I'm not a teacher. Children need time to just enjoy their childhoods or is that just for the weekends (although we do homework on Sundays also).”

Already shared more than 13 ,000 times, the post is drawing debate from folks who agree with Laditan and those who say homework is important for kids, and teachers know best.

A study from 2014 published in the American Journal of Family and Therapy, found that kids have three times too much homework, which was detrimental to their social skills, self-confidence, and overall quality of life.

Shannon Valladolid speaks with local mothers on this topic along with a professor at the University of Tampa who say too much homework is harmful.

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