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SPONSORED: True Brotherhood in Life and on the Line

More than 7,800 Duke Energy and contract lineworkers are part of the Duke Energy team, including Miguel and his two brothers, Cisco and Charlie.
Credit: Duke Energy

Lineworkers chase storms, climb towering poles and are ready to respond when severe weather strikes. Duke Energy lineworkers work day and night to keep the lights on.

“I love it here!” Miguel Lugo joined Duke Energy back in January of 2016.

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His cousin had worked for the company for more than a decade and encouraged Miguel to apply.

Miguel and his two brothers, Cisco and Charlie, grew up in Brooklyn with their mother and younger sister. Miguel went to school in Iowa on a baseball scholarship where he played catcher and just about every other position. He went to school to become a P.E. teacher and taught for a short time in Iowa before moving to Florida in 2009. He worked for various companies including the cable industry and restaurants before applying at Duke Energy.

“I love Florida. I’ve loved it since I was 14 when I came down on vacation and knew that I would live here one day.”

Miguel’s most memorable moment was responding to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, “I’m half Puerto Rican and I had never been there before. It was an awesome experience. Lots of poisonous plants, chopping trees and climbing mountains.”

Despite the hot weather, afternoon thunderstorms and other challenges he faces to keep the lights on Miguel has a very positive attitude and says, “Every day is a good day.”

Two years after Miguel started with Duke Energy, his bother Cisco joined the company.

Like most siblings, Cisco has a healthy rivalry with his brother, “They are tough shoes to follow, but I’ll find ways to beat him.

Just a couple of month ago, Charlie joined the Duke Energy team, “I have 2 kids. This job will help us take care of our families and help take care of our mom. Our dad passed away when we were little. Duke Energy has set us up for success.”

Charlie is not afraid of hard work, “Miguel led the way but we all have the same mentality, same mindset. My work ethic is work hard. I want to be here.”

And he’s convinced he will be with the company for a long time, “The culture, camaraderie, safety. It’s a great company to work for and they pay you what you’re worth. I hope to spend the rest of my career here.”

Credit: Duke Energy

Lineworker hiring

More than 7,800 Duke Energy and contract lineworkers are part of the Duke Energy team. They are responsible for constructing, operating and maintaining equipment and more than 300,000 miles of power lines in Duke Energy’s service territories – that is enough to wrap around the Earth 12 times.

If you like working outdoors, tackling challenges, working as a team and making a steady salary with overtime and advancement opportunities, Duke Energy and other companies who work on the electric grid are hiring. Nearly 900 lineworkers are needed this year to support Duke Energy’s grid improvement work.

Anyone interested in lineworker positions can join our talent community, a pipeline for future recruitment, to stay connected about new lineworker opportunities. Visit https://dukeenergy.avature.net/DELineworker or text “lineworker” to 67076. As positions become available, our recruiting team will notify the talent community.

Those who wish to honor lineworkers and their families are encouraged to use the hashtag #ThankALineman on social media.

For more information about Duke Energy’s lineworkers, follow @DukeEnergy and visit facebook.com/DukeEnergy.

For a behind-the-scenes look with a high-voltage line crew, visit https://illumination.duke-energy.com/articles/they-climb-the-tallest-poles-to-build-a-stronger-grid

Duke Energy is a paying sponsor of wtsp.com.