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We're cracking up at Brady and Gronk's 2021 T-Mobile commercial bloopers

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski appeared in a T-Mobile 5G commercial during Super Bowl LV.

TAMPA, Fla — The Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski bromance doesn't stop because Brady is retiring. 

A year ago, the two appeared in a T-Mobile 5G Super Bowl commercial where the two teammates talked about returning for another Super Bowl run...or were they talking about retirement? The spotty cellphone service had them all mixed up. 

Since we're missing football already, we thought we'd share a 2021 video with you. Outtakes and bloopers were released from the commercial, and it's the laugh we didn't know we needed.

Brady isn't just a machine who launches touchdown passes and collects Super Bowl rings. The bloopers show his tongue-tied comedic side with his partner in crime.

In the bloopers, Gronkowski drops a couple of haha moments but his laugh might be funnier than the joke. 

See for yourself.

Ah, we're going to miss this duo. How about a reality show? Call it "Bronk."

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