Rivalry time! The USF Bulls are playing the UCF Knights right now as we speak. The first time the two rivals are going head to head as top 25 ranked teams.

This game is huge every year for fans of USF and UCF, but the excitement this year with both teams doing well is through the roof! So much so that tickets were hard to come by and fans have been chirping at each other all week.

It was a crazy game, with the Knights topping the Bulls 49-42 on a late kickoff TD and a turnover.

Matt Serio and Chase Whitehead are both former students rooting on their teams.

UCF alum Serio said, "We are 10 and 0, we played three great teams in our conference. South Florida’s played one good team and I think they lost that game."

Whitehead counters, "They’re all my boys back at South Florida, I’m just ready to see them represent today, man."

So, if you haven’t seen on social media, hate week is real. Fans on both sides took opportunities to jab their archenemy on the opposite side of i-4.

This one points out USF hasn't won a championship, unlike UCF

This one recalls UCFs infamous 0-12 season.

And this one questions USF's name.

David Beford is a former USF football player and can vouch for the passionate rivalry.

"Just kind of the older guys when I got there, they explained, "You know, listen, this is the biggest one. I mean we want to win all the games, but this is the one we gotta have and everything."

Fans showed up for this one -- the game was sold out. Tickets hard to come by. You could see fans on Facebook scrambling last minute to get them.

"I had to wait in a line," said UCF fan Steven Mendoza. "It took a while but they let us know ahead of time when to show up and everything and I was not going to miss this game for the world so.

"We waited to see if USF was going to sell more tickets and they didn’t because all of the tickets are sold out, so we spent a good amount of money on these," said USF fan Kristin McKinney.

Was it worth it to spend all of that money on the tickets?

"Oh 100%. I would’ve bought these tickets even if we were 0 and 60 and it’ll be even better if we win the game so go Bullssss!"

Two fanbases, both excited, coming together for the biggest rivalry game in the state this year.