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Buccaneers superfan 'Big Nasty' and others react to Brady retirement rumors

Superfan Big Nasty says "I'm going to wait until I actually see him at the podium, and he says ‘I retire.’"

TAMPA, Fla — "All I have to say,” one Bucs fan yelled. “Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time, and he won us a Super Bowl!"

They say acceptance is the last stage of grief, but when Tom Brady helps your team win its first Super Bowl in about 20 years, it looks like you can come to terms with his retirement a little more quickly than usual.

"It is what it is,” another fan said. “He had a good career, it makes the jersey all worth it."

While we still don't know what's true and what's not, we went to super-fan Big Nasty to see how he was processing the shocking news.

"Me? Selfish me? I'm praying he gives us another year," Big Nasty said. "I'm going to wait until I actually see him at the podium, and he says ‘I retire.’ Bottom line is, the G.O.A.T. still has a lot left in him."

And Big Nasty says, when you look at the fact that Brady has only been with the Bucs during the pandemic, people in Tampa still want more time to meet the guy behind the helmet.

"We see the Zoom cast and all that, but I'll be honest with you, if he does retire—I'm gonna feel like I was left at the altar,” he said. “That's one of my things, before I hang him up, I would love to meet Tom Brady."

But, either way, this comes out, fans really just wish Brady the best.

"[I hope] that he can enjoy his family time off without the distractions, and hopefully make the decision the way he wants to,” Big Nasty said.

While we're still looking for confirmation about Brady's future with the Bucs, Big Nasty says he is retiring after this next season and will be hanging up the Bucs make-up and horn hat. 

He tells us he'll still be at the games, he'll just be wearing flip flops and a visor instead. 

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