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Gisele Bündchen speaks on Tom Brady's decision to come out of retirement, join Bucs for another season

The international supermodel spoke about her career, family and her work as an environmental advocate.
Credit: AP
Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady celebrates with his wife Gisele Bundchen and children after the NFL Super Bowl 55 football game against the Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, Feb. 7, 2021, in Tampa, Fla. The Buccaneers defeated the Chiefs 31-9 to win the Super Bowl. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

TAMPA, Fla. — When Tom Brady un-retired and committed to another season with the Buccaneers, the spotlight was on his wife, Gisele Bündchen. However, the international supermodel never shared her feelings on the decision, until now.

Bündchen spoke with Elle magazine in a new interview, dishing out her latest career goals, environmental advocacy, raising a family and her husband's commitment to the game. 

"Obviously, I have my concerns—this is a very violent sport, and I have my children and I would like him to be more present,” she told Elle magazine. All in all, she says she wants him to be happy. 

"I have definitely had those conversations with him over and over again. But ultimately, I feel that everybody has to make a decision that works for [them]. He needs to follow his joy, too," she added.

Rewinding back to when Brady announced his retirement, the quarterback mentioned he'd be turning his attention elsewhere.

"I have loved my NFL career, and now it is time to focus my time and energy on other things that require my attention," he wrote on Instagram.

Although Brady did not expound on what or who could require his attention, many critics have speculated that his wife could be waiting for him to retire, CBS Sports reports. Bündchen said over the years, she believes she's been there for her husband and she can hold her head high knowing that.

"I've done my part, which is [to] be there for [Tom]. I moved to Boston, and I focused on creating a cocoon and a loving environment for my children to grow up in and to be there supporting him and his dreams. Seeing my children succeed and become the beautiful little humans that they are, seeing him succeed, and being fulfilled in his career—it makes me happy. At this point in my life, I feel like I’ve done a good job on that," Bündchen told the editorial company.

The Elle interview took place prior to Brady's 11-day absence in August from the One Buc Place and Bündchen was tight-lipped on it when Elle reached out for comment in September, Elle said in the article. Bucs head coach Todd Bowles said it's a personal issue and "that's all I can tell you."

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At the start of the Bucs game against the Dallas Cowboys on Sept. 11, Bündchen sent out a tweet cheering on her husband and the team.

"Let’s go @TomBrady ! Let’s go Bucs !" Bündchen said in the tweet.

During the "Let's Go!" podcast released on Sept. 12, Brady spoke about his emotions coming up on his 23rd season, and the need to spend time with family.

"I haven't had a Christmas in 23 years and I haven't had a Thanksgiving in 23 years," Brady said. "I haven't celebrated birthdays with people that I care about that are, you know, born from August to late January."

Following Brady's 23rd season, he'll be a free agent, CBS Sports reports. While only time can tell that, Bündchen told Elle she is back on the grind and at 42 years old, she feels more connected with her purpose as she dives into her goals.

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