TAMPA, Fla. — Tony Dungy is a hall of fame coach, a Bucs legend and still lives in the same home he bought in Tampa when he was the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

Leading into Super Bowl LIII, 10News reporter Phil Buck sat down with Dungy to talk the big game, blown calls, Colin Kaepernick and the current state of the Bucs under new head coach Bruce Arians.

“Bruce is old school in his philosophy of football and how you play and how you win, but he’s new school enough to relate to the younger players and I think he’s going to bring an accountability that will be great,” Dungy said. “He’s going to teach them how to win, no question about it. He started with Bear Bryant, one of the biggest winners ever, and that’s the philosophy he has: that you’re accountable, that you do things right, and if you do things right and work hard, you win. So I think he’s going to bring that attitude and approach and it’s going to be good for them.”

“They’ve got a lot of things in place. Offensively, they move the ball as well as anybody in the league. They’ve got the weapons that you need now, the offensive line looks like they’re able to protect the quarterback, they’ve got a lot of pieces of the puzzle in the passing game, so they’re going to move the ball well. Defensively, they’re starting to get some guys that can rush the passer, which is what you need in this game, so now it’s a matter of consistency, can we put that out there every single time,” he added. “You go into New Orleans and beat the Saints in New Orleans week one, you’re capable of being an elite team and we saw that. We saw that with beating Philadelphia, playing Pittsburgh back-and-forth, nip and tuck. Now, can you do that sixteen weeks in a row? That’s what coach Arians has to bring.”