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Jaguars looking to break second place streak | Spirit Squad

After taking home silver three years in a row, Johnson revamped their competition routine, hoping it brings home gold.

JOHNSON CITY, Texas — JOHNSON CITY - The Johnson cheerleaders are preparing for competition season with a huge goal on their mind...

"I feel like going three years and being second and finally reaching the top would feel great", said Mackenzie Flowers, Johnson Varsity Captain. 

For the past three years they placed second in game day and have never been a finalist in traditional and they're ready to change all that.

"This year we are doing the hardest routine we have ever had. I feel like being able to hit those skills so early in the season is super exciting and gives us all confidence that we can make it to finals this year", said Madison Whitford Johnson Varsity Captain.

This year's team is ready for the competition, when they walk into the arena all the other teams think 'Oh No It's Johnson'.

"I feel like since we learned to be great teammates, not just on the mat but with each other, I feel like the atmosphere is really, really good, because it makes our team stronger", said Flowers.

"Just focusing on our culture has a huge part of it, because we have a really talented team this year, so I think knowing that and being confident in ourselves and taking care of our teammates and thinking back to our conveyance will really help us". said Whitford.

Congratulations ladies on being spirit squad of the week!