HOUSTON — A Strake Jesuit high school senior, who is being referred to as the fasted man in the country, has done it again.

Matthew Boling remains the talk of the track and field world after he posted on social media that he broke his own personal record and the high school record in the 100m dash.

The time would have been good enough for the 100m finals at the Rio Olympics.

In March, the sprinter clocked a 100-meter dash in 10.22 seconds and a 200-meter dash in 20.58 seconds.

Those were the fastest high school times in the U.S. at the time before Boling broke his own record. And when you're the fastest, of course you get a nickname.

"Some people call me the Bogeyman. I heard some people calling me the Horseman," he said laughing. "I've heard different stuff."

Boling said he didn't always know he was fast. He's had to practice to get quicker.

"In middle school, when he was in the seventh or eight grade, it was like watching a deer run," Boling's father Mark said.

The older Boling said it's unusual knowing his son is the fastest man in the country right now. He said it's not genetic.

“I would love to be able to claim that it’s genetic – but he just has a work ethic that I’ve never seen from anybody," the father said.

Mark Boling said he'll still be making the track meets when his son heads off to the University of Georgia in the fall.

Then, the 18-year-old said he'll be focusing on the Olympics.