KANSAS CITY, Mo. — On Saturday, drivers traveling along U.S. Highway 40 were stopped in their tracks by winter weather.

Dave Cochran, a jack of all trades, jumped right in to assist stranded motorist without second thought. He did it by tying up vehicles, one after another to his older model Chevy Suburban and then pressing the gas.

“I rolled down my window and I asked them if they needed help. They said, ‘yeah! We’re trying to get to the game,'” said Cochran.

The Chiefs were about to take on the Colts in a playoff game just down the road.

Cochran freed at least five vehicles and he didn’t ask for a dollar.

“I was kind of scared because I’m towing with a '95 Suburban and he’s driving a brand new 2019 BMW,” explained Cochran.

Cochran went on with his day and cheered on the Chiefs to victory.

Then his phone started to ring off the hook.

“I didn’t know he was a famous football player,” proclaimed Cochran.

One of the vehicles he towed was current Kansas City Chiefs and former Houston Texans offensive lineman Jeff Allen. 

Allen shared the story on his Twitter account that went viral and the search for Cochran was on.

“I seen that message and people called me. I started bawling out of happiness and excitement,” exclaimed Cochran.

Allen wanted to repay Cochran for his good deed.

“He gave me three free tickets to the championship game Sunday and God Bless him." Cochran continued, “I wasn’t expecting all this."

This will be Cochran’s first time at Arrowhead Stadium. In fact, his first NFL game at a stadium. He’s bringing along his sister and fiancé.

“This is my fiancé, Felica. I love her with all my heart,” expressed Cochran.

Cochran, a 31-year-old Kansas City native, has quite the personal story himself. He admits to serving time behind bars and says he’s paying for past mistakes.

“That’s where we live ... we make the best of it. It’s hard times right now business is down and we try to make the best of it,” Cochran said.

He and his fiancé are homeless and live in the vehicle they used to pay it forward. Because sometimes those who have the least are willing to give the most.

“If I can lend a helping hand maybe other people will do the same,” voiced Cochran.

Cochran says he is currently in the market for a job and is willing to work odd jobs for pay. If you would like to contact Cochran, his number is 816-405-1712.