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Rays have three top 40 picks in 2019 MLB Draft

The draft starts at 7 p.m. ET Monday.

The first two rounds of the 2019 MLB Draft are set for Monday night.

It spans 40 rounds across three days.

The Tampa Bay Rays have three top 40 picks, which includes the 22nd, the 36th and 40th selections.

The Baltimore Orioles have the top overall pick for the first time since 1989. The Arizona Diamond Backs have four selections in the top 34 and seven on the first day.

MLB Network will broadcast and MLB.com will stream the draft starting at 7 p.m. ET Monday.

First-round draft order:

1.    Orioles

2.    Royals

3.    White Sox

4.    Marlins

5.    Tigers

6.    Padres

7.    Reds

8.    Rangers

9.    Braves (compensation for unsigned 2018 first-rounder Carter Stewart)

10.    Giants

11.    Blue Jays

12.    Mets

13.    Twins

14.    Phillies

15.    Angels

16.    Diamondbacks

17.    Nationals

18.    Pirates

19.    Cardinals

20.    Mariners

21.    Braves

22.    Rays

23.    Rockies

24.    Indians

25.    Dodgers

26.    Diamondbacks (compensation for unsigned 2018 first-rounder Matt McLain)

27.    Cubs

28.    Brewers

29.    Athletics

30.    Yankees

31.    Dodgers (compensation for unsigned 2018 first-rounder J.T. Ginn)

32.    Astros

33.    Red Sox

Click or tap here for the full order of the 2019 MLB Draft.

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