TAMPA, Fla. — So, what do you think? Should he stay or should he go?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston will have to wait a while longer for an answer. That means Bucs fans will have to wait, too.

On Sunday, Winston ended the Bucs' season throwing a pick-six that lost the game. It was his 30th interception of the year.

Head Coach Bruce Arians was a little calmer Monday but still uncommitted when it comes to Winston’s future.

“You could all save your breath asking me about Jameis, because there’s not going to be a decision made for a while,” said Arians. But the head coach later added, “This is a performance-based business. So, if you’re not performing, you get replaced.”

It would be one thing if Jameis Winston only threw interceptions. But the thing is, he also had a 5,000 yard season. He also balanced-out his 30 picks with 30 touchdowns, making him the first NFL player in history to do that.

“It’s frustrating,” said Arians, “To see the growth in some areas but to see regression and others is frustrating.”

At Sports Radio WDAE, Bucs fans were divided on whether hanging onto Winston is a smart play.

“How long are you going to give him in order to say OK you fixed it or no that’s it we’re done?” asked Mike in St. Petersburg.

“Let’s not give up now fans, you know let’s stick this one out,” argued James in Lakeland.

In what was perhaps the sharpest jab at his starting quarterback, Coach Arians said the Buccaneers are a good enough team to win a championship with or without Winston.

“With another quarterback? Oh yes,” said Arians. “If we can win with this one, we can definitely win with another one too.”

Winston’s teammates didn’t necessarily agree.

“Me personally, I wouldn’t say that. I think Jamison is a big piece of you know, this team is doing going forward,” said Offensive Tackle DeMar Dotson. “I’m a Jameis man. I believe in Jameis. I believe Jameis is going to be the quarterback for years to come.”

For a long time, some fans have questioned whether Winston has eyesight issues.

On Monday, Arians confirmed – in fact – he does.

“Yes, he’s nearsighted. He can’t read the scoreboard,” said Arians, “But he can see the guys in front of him. So, he’s fine.”

Coach Arians said he expects the team will make a decision regarding its plans for Winston no later than March. But, depending upon the circumstances at that time, don’t necessarily expect them to announce anything if it’s not in their financial interest.

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