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House divided: husband and wife rooting for opposite Super Bowl LV teams

Relationship expert Babita Spinelli says being present, mindful and learning the art of pivoting can help mend sports rivalries.

TAMPA, Fla. — Some call it the ultimate test of marriage - when you and your loved one root for different Super Bowl teams. This year we met a couple in that dilemma. In fact, they went viral for their crying reaction to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers winning the NFC Championship. 

"Go Chiefs!" Ashley Labus said. "It was really hard not to laugh at him after seeing him fall on the floor and start crying after the Bucs won the NFC Championship game."

"You did laugh," husband Garrett Labus replied. "I'm a huge Bucs fan and always have been."

This Super Bowl divided household does their best to respect each others' differences and are flying to Tampa for the big game.

"I'm going to be putting Chiefs gear on and he'll be putting Bucs gear and we will need some prayers depending on the outcome," Ashley said.

With a healthy amount of trash talking, their secret for making it work is simple.

"Advice wise, you just have to enjoy watching the games and have fun banter but don't let it hurt your relationship. You can't take it too seriously because it's not life or death although in the video you can see he was crying like a baby," Ashley said.

Relationship expert Babita Spinelli also shared a few tricks to help smooth over sports teams differences.

"Try and be present and think about the enjoyment of the game, versus, is my team going to win or lose. If you find yourself getting angry at your partner, then pivot and step outside or go get something to drink to remove yourself from that situation for a few minutes. Once you catch your breath and come back in, that will help reset your mindset. Pivoting is a helpful tool," Spinelli said.

It's advice Ashley and Garrett agree with as they prepare to root on their favorite sports teams respectively. 

"I think it's exciting to see how they will play against each other, and to see old Mr. Brady play against the young guy," Ashley said.

"You know, if the Chiefs win I will get over it and to see joy on her face will be worth it even though I'll be severely disappointed," Garrett said.

The couple plans to fly to Tampa Bay to enjoy the game festivities, but currently do not have tickets to the game.

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