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What is it like as a Patriots fan without Tom Brady?

We talked to two members of Patriots Nation of Tampa Bay.

TAMPA, Fla. — Life without Tom Brady as a Patriots fan has to feel different. 

10 Tampa Bay Sports Anchor Ben Murphy sat down with a couple of die-hard Patriots fans here in the Tampa Bay area to discuss having Brady in their new backyard. They will be watching the game Sunday with a fond memory of what once was between the Bucs quarterback and their team.

Jay Lessard of Patriots Nation of Tampa Bay says that there will be no "split fandom" when it comes to Sunday night's matchup. He says he will always root for Brady but like the majority of Pats fans in our area, the priorities lie with New England.

Credit: AP

Jay was not the only one who had strong feelings about Sunday's game. Deon Bent has been a Patriots fan since before the Brady days and says, "I think there are some people in the new era that grew up where Brady is all they've known so they're going to follow him. But for me absolutely not".

Brady spent almost 20 full years in New England before coming to Tampa and winning a Super Bowl, his 7th, in his first year with the Buccaneers. By beating his old team in New England, Brady has a chance to have beaten every franchise in the NFL.

You can hear more from the Patriots Nation of Tampa Bay on Sunday during this week's airing of The Blitz. Super Bowl Champion Simeon Rice will be there to discuss the topic as well. 

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