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Westchase Colts dedicate season to Bruce Hills III, win Pop Warner Super Bowl

After spending six weeks in the hospital, Bruce Hills III was in Orlando cheering on his team en route to a Pop Warner Super Bowl national championship.

TAMPA, Fla. — We are Champa Bay for a reason.

Not only does our city boast the Super Bowl-winning Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but now we also have the Super Bowl-winning, Pee Wee Pop Warner champion Westchase Colts.

Credit: Pop Warner
Westchase Colts beat the Souderton Braves from Pennsylvania, 39-6 at Camping World Stadium on December 8, 2021.

Amongst the clump of happy faces on this Colts team is the backbone of this group, Bruce Hills III. He is No. 5, next to the trophy on the right side in the picture above.

Almost two months ago on October 9, the 12-year-old was ready for his homecoming football game, but something was off that morning. He had an excruciating headache, so his parents brought him to the doctor.

He would stay in the hospital for six weeks after having surgery to remove a cyst on his brain.

Credit: Lexi Panepinto
Bruce Hills III in the hospital after brain surgery.

He cheered on his team from afar, while his teammates did the same for him dedicating the rest of the season to their strongest teammate.

On the day Bruce was released from the hospital, the Westchase Colts won regionals.

"That smile is everything," Bruce Hills Jr., Bruce's father, said. "I love him smiling so as long as he's smiling, I'm smiling."

The team did its job getting to Orlando and Bruce did his job getting better so he can be there to cheer his guys on.

When the final second vanished off the clock after the 39-6 win in the championship game, Bruce was one of the first guys on the field jumping around in excitement.

"I've never had a group come together like this," Colts head coach Chuck McLeod said. "They've really rallied around him and it's because he's such a great kid and we all love him and want to be a part of this experience."

What a day for Westchase.

One championship.

Two victories.