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America, meet 'The Wall': Samsung unveils a 219-inch TV

If you don't have enough room, they also have a new 75-inch TV.
Credit: Samsung

If you want the latest in big-screen TVs, you're going to have to make room. A LOT of room.

Samsung just unveiled a 219-inch TV it's calling "The Wall."

Last year, the company unveiled a 146-inch model. Obviously, this year, they decided to outdo themselves by increasing the size by 50-percent.

The company also unveiled a more modest 75-inch TV. Both models utilize new 4K Micro LED technology which Samsung says creates a brighter image that uses less energy than current televisions. 

The TV is also modular, which means buyers can place screens side-by-side to create a larger image.

The new products were unveiled at the First Look CES event in Las Vegas.

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