Researchers at Microsoft are showing off what they are calling "holoportation," virtual teleportation with real-time interaction with 3D models.

In a YouTube video, they demonstrate how someone can interatct with another person in a remote location utilizing a series of 3D cameras and an augmented-reality display.

They describe the process like this: "Holoportation is a new type of 3D capture technology that allows high-quality 3D models of people to be reconstructed, compressed, and transmitted anywhere in the world in real-time. When combined with mixed-reality displays such as HoloLens, this technology allows users to see and interact with remote participants in 3D as if they are actually present in their physical space. Communicating and interacting with remote users becomes as natural as face-to-face communication."

Technology like this could allow people to interact with those who are great distances away or store and replay files of people who have died, as a way to remember them.

The techniques used are still being perfected and, undoubtedly, it will not be long before the 3D models seen within the augmented reality environment will be virtually indistinguishable from actual people.