Cloning Facebook pages is the newest scam making it's rounds on social media. It may have happened to you and you didn't even know about it.

The scammer will take a person's Facebook page, copy their "About Me" section and steal their profile picture. They will make an exact replica of the page and start adding friends the original user is already friends with. It's an easy way for the scammer to get your information and steal your identity.

Kathy Perry is a social media consultant who sees Facebook cloning all the time.

"A lot of people don't even realize it. They just think, 'oh that's my friend, I need to add them.' Don't do that," she says.

She says there are a few easy ways to make sure the page is legit.

You should always review the person's page. Actually go to that person's page and look around for clues.

"So this particular person is a friend of mine and you can see, there's no cover photo, there's no activity on his timeline," says Perry, who explains how someone cloned her friend's page and then tried to add her.

Also, take a look at your mutual friends. If they are really a good friend of your's, you should have a good number of mutual friends. A hacker might have one or two.

Take a minute to see if you are already friends with them. If you are, send them a message letting them know they've been hacked. They, in turn, should contact Facebook immediately. Because Facebook is such a powerful platform with millions of people on it, taking the time to make sure you know who you're adding could save you from trouble in the future.