SAN DIEGO — A swarm of ladybugs moving through southern California was so large it registered on the San Diego National Weather Service's (NWS) weather radar Tuesday night.

The NWS office in San Diego tweeted out a video of the radar that looked to be showing precipitation but was in fact what they called a ladybug "bloom."

According to the NWS, forecasters thought it was a big rain cloud but after doing some research, they determined the radar image was likely a huge swarm of ladybugs.

“The swarm was about 80 miles by 80 miles. There were considerable gabs between swarms. Experts say ladybug blooms are fairly common this time of year,” said Samantha Connolly, with the San Diego National Weather Service.

The San Diego NWS said the swarm is believed to have come from San Bernardino, but the radar image of the ladybug swarm dropped off over Temecula.