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What to know about Michael Strahan, Alan Shepard's daughter's trip to space

The New Shepard rocket is now targeting 9:45 a.m. ET for liftoff on Dec. 11, with operations out of West Texas.

TEXAS, USA — Editor's Note: The video in the player above is from the October NS-18 flight.

Blue Origin is back at it again. The space company backed by billionaire Jeff Bezos will once again launch a crew of invited guests and paying customers into space on Saturday. 

This time, big names like former NFL star Michael Strahan and the daughter of the first American in space, Laura Shepard Churchley, will be among the crew. 

NS-19 marks the third crewed launch for Blue Origin since its inaugural flight in July which featured Bezos himself, an aviation pioneer and the youngest person to go to space.

Here's everything you need to know ahead of liftoff: 

What time is the launch?

The New Shepard rocket is now targeting 9:45 a.m. ET for liftoff on Dec. 11, with operations out of West Texas. Coverage of the company's latest launch will begin at 8:15 a.m. as the crew prepares for their trip to space.

Liftoff was pushed back from its original target date due to forecasted winds that will be moving through the area on Thursday and Friday.

"The team has completed Flight Readiness Review and confirmed the vehicle has met all mission requirements for launch. Astronauts will complete training today and weather remains as the only gating factor for launch," Blue Origin wrote.

As always, all timing is pending weather and technical checks. 

How can I watch the launch?

You can tune in to 10 Tampa Bay where we will be streaming live on Facebook, YouTube and online.

Blue Origin will also have continuous live coverage on its website. New Shepard will launch from a remote location in West Texas, meaning there will be no ability for the public to catch the action live onsite. 

Credit: AP
FILE - This undated image provided by Blue Origin shows an illustration of the capsule that will be used to take tourists into space. Blue Origin announced Thursday, July 15, 2021, that instead of an auction winner launching with founder Jeff Bezos on Tuesday, Oliver Daemen, 18, will be on board. The company said he'll be the first paying customer, but did not disclose the cost of his ticket. (Blue Origin via AP)

Who is on the crew?

The two names you are likely to know who secured a seat on the NS-19 flight are former NFL star and Good Morning America host Michael Strahan and a pioneer NASA astronaut's daughter, Laura Shepard Churchley.

According to Blue Origin, Strahan was invited to join the crew as opposed to paying his way onto the mission and received a stipend, which has been donated to The Boys & Girls Club.

Shepard Churchley, who was also invited to join the crew, will get to fly on the rocket named after her father. Alan Shepard was the first American in space and the fifth person to ever walk on the Moon. 

According to Blue Origin, she has "dedicated her life to promoting what her father started."

Four other paying customers will be on the flight: Dylan Taylor, Evan Dick, Lane Bess and Cameron Bess. 

How will the mission work?

New Shepard's launch is a suborbital sightseeing trip, of sorts, that will carry the crew past the Kármán line – the recognized imaginary boundary of space. 

The rocket will operate on a vertical takeoff and parachuted landing for the up to six-person capsule. During the launch, the company says those on board will experience forces equal to three times the Earth's gravitational force.

While the ride will be thrilling, it also will be short-lived. According to Blue Origin, the "experience of a lifetime" will last 11 minutes from liftoff to landing.  

Credit: Blue Origin

Can I go to space?

While Blue Origin hasn't announced specifics regarding seat sales for future flights, you can book a spot online. 

You'll need to provide things like your name, email and phone number when purchasing your flight. The required form can be found here.

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