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New app can help keep track of your cat's happiness and health

Tably is an app that uses artificial intelligence to allow cat owners to track their pet’s mood and maintain their health.

Now you and your cat can become closer than ever, thanks to an app that lets you track your cat’s overall happiness.

Sylvester.ai is a software company based in Canada that has created an app called “Tably” that uses artificial intelligence to track your cat’s health and mood. 

They're working to “create predictive healthcare products powered by artificial intelligence to improve animal health outcomes across species,” according to Sylvester.ai’s website.

The app uses "The Feline Grimace Scale" to assess the acute pain in cats based on changes in their facial expressions. The app focuses on ear position, orbital tightening, muzzle tension, whisker and head position to determine how much pain your cat might be in.

The app works best when a phone's camera lens is pointed directly at your feline's open eyes. 

We love sleeping cats, but our app works best when cats are awake, with their eyes open, and their faces looking straight at your phone's camera lens! A lot like this handsome fella here...

Posted by Sylvester.ai on Wednesday, July 7, 2021

According to a Tably user, "My cat was really young when we found out he had arthritis, with Tably I was able to track when my cat was having good days, and when he was having bad days.” 

The app is also beneficial to clinics by allowing veterinarians to remotely monitor their patient's recovery. Clients can take pictures of their cats directly through the app to send updates to the clinic.

"Kizmet was dehydrated," said Linda Hall, Co-Host of 19 Cats and Counting on Pet Life Radio. "There was some sort of inflammation issue. He was miserable, and I wouldn't have known without Tably! If we hadn't taken him to the vet, the dehydration could have gotten worse and possibly been life threatening." 

Tably is currently in Beta mode. For those interested, the app is available on Sylvester.ai's webisite and for download through the iOS app store.

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