ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- It can be one of the saddest times in one's life and also one of the most expensive. But a new website allows you to plan a funeral on your budget.

Caroline Collier of Tampa lost her mom in June of last year.

“Planned the whole funeral by the traditional way. I put ads in paper,” says Collier.

And although her mom knew what she wanted, the cost -- Colliers says -- was surprising.

“It was very expensive. The crematory part of it was probably $1500-$2000.” Says Collier.

“It adds up,” says Collier.

10News WTSP has learned about a new website to help you find a funeral home on your budget.

Think of it as a Priceline for funeral homes—it’s called Parting and you type in your zip code and all of the funeral homes in your area show up with an estimated cost.

“When I went online to find a funeral home, I realized that the information online to compare funeral homes was very hard to find,” says Tyler Yamasaki, Co-creator of the website.

Yamasaki says when planning his grandma’s funeral-- he realized there was a lack of transparency when it came to finding out how much a funeral home may cost online.

"There's huge discrepancies and that's because of a lack of transparency,” says Yamasaki.

Funeral homes are only required by the Federal Trade Commission to give you a price list, only if you ask for it by phone or in person.

“It was inaccurate information and it takes away a personal touch a funeral home would offer,” says Kevin Ferm with Memorial Park Funeral Home in St. Pete.

While the website may sound like a good idea, General Manager of Memorial Park Funeral Home in St. Pete says the estimation for his home was off and that the best price may not always be the best option.

“We offer things people don’t offer and that’s what you don’t see on internet,” says Ferm. “Price is one thing but so much other information people need to consider besides costs.”

So if you're wondering if you should take it as a stepping stone to see what funeral homes are within your zip code to see how accurate it is:

“Definitely make calls and most locations make staff available to meet them,” says Ferm.