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Back to School Safety Blitz: AAA reminds drivers of the importance of school zone safety

As millions of students head back to school nationwide, AAA is launching a safety campaign to remind drivers to use caution, and slow down in school zones.

As students in Pinellas County join other Tampa Bay area districts back in school, AAA is putting out reminders to keep everyone safe.

It’s part of its School’s Open Drive Carefully campaign. Throughout the state, the company has put out more than 1,200 road signs reminding drivers to stay aware and avoid distractions, especially in school zones. 

As classes resume, expect an increase in congestion, pedestrians, buses, and bicyclists. 

Tuesday, as students headed back to school in Pinellas County officers are enforcing the rules. School safety coordinator Casey Morse says even teens who aren’t obeying the rules of the road will be ticketed.

“If you’re under the age of 16 and you’re caught riding your bike without a helmet, it is a $64.50 ticket," Morse said. 

"If you think you can be sneaky and throw away the ticket, mom and dad will never know, when you go to get your restricted license, it will show you have an unpaid ticket.”

If you’re caught speeding in an active school zone, your fines will double. These are all measures underway to make sure drivers stay safe.