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Back to School: Slow down, school zone law enforcement in place

Speeding in school zones is a problem across Tampa Bay and Florida. With school back in session, officers will be out enforcing speed limits.

TAMPA, Fla — As students head back to class, expect more traffic jams on the roads and officers out enforcing the speed limit, especially in school zones.  

Tuesday, Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister was out reminding parents of safety measures to take in school zones.

Speeding in a school zone in Florida will cost you if you’re ticketed.

$50 for going 1 to 9 miles per hour over the speed limit, $200 for 10 to 14 miles over the speed limit, and a whopping $300 for 15 to 19 miles over the speed limit. And the fines just go up from there, maxing out at $2,000 for 50 miles over the speed limit. 

In addition to the ticket, you’ll also get points on your license. It could be suspended if you’re involved in a crash 

According to Florida statute, speed limits in school zones range from 15 to 20mph.