It’s summertime, so it's also road trip season. It's important to prepare for catastrophes and storm clouds during your family vacation. To make sure you’re prepared, pack both an emergency kit and a convenience kit.

What to pack for emergencies and breakdowns:

• A can of fix-a flat
• Jumper cables
• An extra container of coolant in case your radiator overheats.
• Roadside flares – these will keep traffic away, but also let roadside assistance know where you are.
• A couple containers of oil in case you run low
• An extra bottle of windshield wiper fluid; there are a lot of bugs out there and you'll hit colonies of them.
• Snacks and water
• A first-aid kit
• Duct tape (you never know what might need a little temporary patch)

When you pack, you want to make sure everything is secure, so nothing becomes a projectile in an accident.

In your convenience kit, include:

• Ziploc bags: They are easy to zip-up and toss out.
• Baby wipes: Keeping a bag in the car is a big help when it comes to cleaning sticky hands and surfaces.
• Sunscreen: you need it, your kids need it -- even on a cloudy day.
• Bug repellent
• Baby powder: This is a handy trick for kids and adults – pour some on your hands or feet to get rid of sand, keeping it out your car for the ride home.
• A towel: Pack one or two for impromptu spills or detours to the beach.
• Also include a blanket, good for picnics, or to stay warm in the car on cooler nights.