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TSA answers passengers' questions and things get weird

Things got weird after the TSA opened a Twitter account to help Thanksgiving travelers.

Things got weird after the TSA opened a Twitter account to help Thanksgiving travelers.

With thousands expected to take to the skies, an account to answer real-time travel questions seemed like a good idea at the time, right?

Many people had questions about turkey. It turns out you can bring your gobbler with you on your carry on or your checked luggage and have Thanksgiving dinner ready to go.

People didn't stop there though.

According to the TSA Twitter account, you're allowed to bring frozen fish, banana bread, caramel apples, cannolis, and from one Tweet, a smoked ham if you need to show those northerners how to cook a real Southern meal.

But you can't bring the whole meal.

Turkey tweeters were disappointed to learn they had to keep the cranberry sauce and pudding under 3.4 ounces if they wanted to bring it in their carry on.

That won't get you very far.

It does seem like people are planning to have a lot of fun this Thanksgiving though.

On Wednesday alone, the TSA OK’ed tattoo guns, magic wands, and ice skates in travelers carry ons. Light sabers are OK, according to TSA, adding “may the force be with you.”

They also gave the go ahead to a very good looking inflatable shark, a hat with 3 feet of fake hair, and an incredibly ornate welded metal alligator.

The no-fly list got weird as well... TSA told twitter they had to pack their blenders in checked luggage.

They also told people they had to pack baseball bats, fraternity paddles or anything used to “bludgeon”.

If you have a question about what you can bring, you can tweet the TSA a picture of the time and they’ll let you know if you can carry it on, pack it or leave it at home.

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