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What are the chances of Canadian wildfires impacting Florida?

Wildfires in Canada have prompt air quality issues for parts of the U.S., but should Florida worry?

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Parts of Canada have been dealing with several raging wildfires since last week, but it's the fires out of eastern Canada that are impacting some major U.S. cities this week.

This is due to smoke being emitted from these fires and drifting in the northeast, mid-Atlantic states and Carolinas.

Over 200 wildfires, most of which have been out of control, have been reported across parts of eastern Canada.

Thanks to a large area of low pressure located between Maine and Halifax, this is sending a thick plume of smoke from the Canadian wildfires generally south, right into parts of the United States.

So will this smoke make it to Florida?

The answer: Very unlikely.

While there will be a faint haze of smoke from the initial plume that moved out of the north last weekend, anything that is left over from that plume should mostly thin out as it mixes out over Georgia and Alabama, while attempting to approach northern Florida.

While some parts of the northeast will see gradual improvement from the smoke later this week, some spots will continue to be dealing with it well into the weekend.

Smoke from Canadian wildfires held up flights at major airports, postponed Major League Baseball games and prompted people to pull out their face masks to bear the haze. In addition, Canadian officials have called on other countries for help fighting the more than 400 blazes across the country. Massive tongues of unhealthy air extended as far as North Carolina and Indiana, impacting millions, Wednesday.

The Associated Press and 10 Tampa Bay's Jordan Highsmith contributed to this story.

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