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1st Florida cold front on the way: See where highs will stay in the 70s

The first cold front of the season is on the way, and it will bring a hint of fall to Tampa Bay ahead of the weekend. But just a hint.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — While much of the rest of the country ushers in the first day of fall with cooler temperatures and early hints of the changing leaves Florida feels more like... well, Florida. 

Don't be discouraged, however, a cold front sweeping across the eastern half of the United States will actually have a run at bringing some cooler and drier air to portions of the Sunshine State.

This is no surprise, but summertime in Florida consists of hot and humid days with daily showers and storms. The abundant tropical moisture in place in Florida through the summer keeps dew point temperatures consistently in the 70s if not at times in the 80s. 

The dew point is the direct measure of moisture in the atmosphere and the higher the dew point the more uncomfortable you are going to be, from a muggy standpoint. 

This is relevant because as the cold front starts to sweep southeast across Florida, it will lose a lot of its punch by the time it arrives in Central Florida, but it will still bring drier air to help out with the humidity. North Florida, however, will definitely enjoy some cooler temperatures after the front pushes through Wednesday night into the day on Thursday.

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Low temperatures Thursday morning in portions of north Florida and the panhandle will be in the mid-upper 50s with high temperatures Thursday afternoon in the upper 70s.

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The cold front will continue to push south through the day on Thursday. As it moves into Tampa Bay, it will bring a small chance for a few isolated showers or storms. 

The front will slow down and eventually stall out just south of the area, but not before ushering in some drier air to the region.

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While the temperatures in Tampa Bay won't take much of a hit, the dew points will drop into the upper 50s and lower 60s which will reduce the humidity significantly. The drier air will also bring a much lower chance of rain that will hang around through the weekend.

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A 30-40 percent chance for a few afternoon showers and storms will remain for Friday and Saturday, but by Sunday another wave of drier air will push into the area. This second push of drier air will knock the chance of rain (and the humidity) down even further to nearly a zero chance of rain for early next week.