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Families in need of shelter in North Texas as hundreds of thousands of people are still without power in Louisiana

Hurricane Ida displaced many people from Louisiana to North Texas, and they don't know when they can go home.

RICHARDSON, Texas — A week ago Sunday, Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana. More than half a million people are left without power, and it could be weeks before it gets restored. There are also many people in North Texas who are seeking shelter and don’t know when they can go back home.

"We can’t go home," said Suzanne Patin of Algiers, Louisiana.

Patin has been married to Glenn for 43 years. He’s the love of her life.

They grabbed their necessities and are seeking shelter at the Spring Suites by Marriott in Richardson after Ida hit.

“He needs electricity. He misses his hospital bed,” Patin said.

Glenn is on oxygen, and needs care. There's currently no power in Algiers.

“We are struggling. Financially, spiritually, this is hard,” Patin said.

It's even harder because husband and wife are both sick.

“I have broken rods in my back. I can’t get around really well,” Patin said.

Their story is just one of dozens at the hotel. 

“A lot of people want to go home, they can’t go home,” said Debbie Bailey from New Orleans.

Close to 600,000 people are still left without power.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards says the electrical infrastructure needs reinforcement.

“We have a sign saying, help me, look at me. It’s sad,” Bailey said.

Her mom is in need of dialysis and needs to be hooked up to a machine for that.

The struggle is also felt across Louisiana. People need food, clothing, and basic necessities.

“People are fighting over water, fighting over gas,” Bailey said.

While these folks are left struggling, activists like Collective Activism Director Dr. Pamela Grayson are doing their part.

“We work to get them through the weekend. Dallas needs to give a large portion of the CARES Act money to organizations that are grassroots, boots on the ground,” Grayson said.

In the meantime, they’re all holding on to hope.

“Just hold on. Keep your faith in God,” Bailey said.

To help with general donations, call 1-800 621-3362 or go to disasterassistance.gov. If you want to help Collective Activism, email info@collectiveactivism.com or donate through Zell at 504-670-0055.

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