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You cleaned up all your storm debris. Now what?

Storm debris pickup operations began in communities across Tampa Bay on Monday. Here's what you need to know.

One week after Hurricane Irma,debris removal operations are now underway across Tampa Bay. Here's what you need to know:


Storm debris collection begins Monday, Sept. 18. Yard waste should be piled along the right of way for collection. Unlike other counties and cities, Hillsborough County officials say their debris collection applies online to yard waste.

“We are not allowing residents to co-mingle any construction or demolition debris," said Travis Barnes, the county's recycling coordinator.

After Monday, a temporary collection site at 6209 County Road 579 in Seffner will close. But yard debris can still be taken to the county's three permanent collection sites. Disposal is free to residents as long as they can show a valid Florida's driver's license.

  • Falkenburg Road: 346 N. Falkenburg Road, Tampa
  • Northwest County: 8001 W. Linebaugh Ave, Tampa
  • South County: 13000 U.S. Highway 41, Gibsonton

Visit hcflgov.net/trash for more information.


Storm debris collection continues in both cities. All debris is being accepted as long as it is separated by material:

  • yard waste
  • construction material
  • white goods (appliances, etc.)

While storm debris is being accepted at the McKay Bay Disposal Facility in Tampa, residents are encouraged to wait for the storm debris collection service, and avoid the inconvenience and long wait times.

Citywide storm debris collection service in Tampa will be provided seven days a week 7 am to 7 p.m. through Oct. 27.


Debris contractors will begin storm debris collection from rights of way on Monday. Residents should place their debris in sorted piles at the public right-of-way for curbside collection by debris crews. Debris will be collected and taken to a temporary storage site to ultimately be recycled or disposed of.

Residents are asked to sort debris by item type and place in separate piles.

These are the specific items that can be moved to the curbside for collection:

  • Building material including roof shingles and siding
  • Drywall
  • Lumber
  • Carpet
  • Furniture
  • Plumbing
  • Fallen tree branches and logs

Residents are asked to take the following steps to make the debris removal process easier:

  • Sort debris by type and place in separate piles
  • Do not stack debris against trees, poles, fire hydrants and storm drains
  • Do not place debris on sidewalks or farther back than 10-feet beyond the curb

Municipal residents can contact their municipality about the availability of debris pickup in their area. Residents who are uncertain if their property is located within unincorporated Pinellas or within a municipality, should visit this website.


Pasco County Utilities, Solid Waste and Resource Recovery Department will begin debris removal starting the week of Monday, Sept. 18.

In preparation for the removal, Pasco County homeowners must have all debris materials brought to the curb or roadside for pickup. Residents should be aware and be careful not to block fire hydrants, mailboxes, electrical boxes or any other structures. Contractor generated debris will not be picked up. Additionally, do not bag debris and refrigerators should be empty, with the doors secured or removed.

Requests for debris pickup must be submitted to Pasco County Customer Service Center by emailing customerservice@pascocountyfl.net, providing the address where the debris is located.

Residents can also call customer service at (727) 847-2411.

The county is also waiving all fees for debris dropped off to the following landfills:

  • Spring Hill: 14606 Hays Road
  • Dade City: 9626 Handcart Road


If you have a small amount of storm related debris and you bundled or bagged as yard waste, it will be picked up on your regularly scheduled day.

Storm debris is not required to be bagged or bundled.

Debris removal operations for larger debris placed near the right of way should be in operation by Monday, and continue until determined complete. Pickup may not occur on your normal collection day; since it will be collected by a vendor other than waste management.


Hernando County Emergency Management has coordinated with the Solid Waste Department to begin collecting debris caused from Hurricane Irma. Debris removal pick-ups will start on Monday, Sept. 18.

There will be two sweeps performed throughout the County which could take a few weeks to complete. Residents must separate vegetative debris (tree limbs, brush, etc) from other construction/demolition debris and place in front of their property along the roadway. Do not place debris in the roadway, in front of mail boxes or fire hydrants.