HAINES CITY -- A man is out nearly $20,000 after two thieves tricked him saying they won the lottery and they would share the money with him in exchange for cash.

Haines City Police Department say on May 2th around 1:30 p.m., two men approached an older male at the Family Dollar near 1683. The suspects told the victim they won $750,000 on a lottery ticket and couldn't cash it becuase they were immigrants. They told the man they would give him the winning ticket in exchange for $19,000 in cash. The two suspects drove the victim to a nearby bank where he withdrew $10,000 from the teller. They drove him to another bank where he pulled $9,000. The older man gave the two thieves the money and they asked him to go back to the bank to get a form. When he returned, they were gone.

The driver of the suspected car is a newer model black Dodge Journey.

The Haines City Police Department is asking anyone with information to call them at 863-635-2647.