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Florida man to celebrate 26th birthday with ice cream giveaway | 10News WTSP

Jon Boyd never expected to raise $400. He certainly didn’t expect to raise it in just two hours. “We doubled it and got $800 in the next two hours,” said the soon-to-be 26-year-old. “We didn’t touch it after that. We didn’t want to jinx it.” The Go Fund Me page, which is flirting with $2,000 after 19 days online, is all for his big birthday plans. On May 29, a day before Jon turns 26, he’ll park a soft serve ice cream truck in three different locations in St. Petersburg and hand out free ice cream to anyone who wants a cone. “No strings. It’s on me. Get in line,” he said with a laugh. “Once we run out it’ll be over. But, it’s going to be really special. Hopefully, we pull it off.” The idea came from an inner conviction. Jon spent his 25th birthday in Toyko last year. As he planned out his 26th birthday he decided to use that day to give back.