Tampa Bay mother wants to know why her daughter died at an addiction center

Christine Hannis just lived the unthinkable: her daughter is dead and she doesn't know why. Hannis said her daughter, Jenna Mosley, battled a heroin addiction for six years. Two weeks ago Mosley admitted she needed professional help. "She said, 'Mom, I need to go into detox. I had a relapse,'" Hannis recalled. Mosley checked in to Centerstone Behavioral Hospital and Addiction Center in Bradenton. Hannis believed her daughter was making progress because she got phone updates from either Mosley or a nurse every day. However, on Saturday, six days after Mosley was admitted, Hannis didn't hear from her daughter. Then the unthinkable happened on Sunday morning. "I think it's Jenna calling me to come home. It was the hospital administrator calling me, telling me that she's very sorry. I'm very sorry I have bad news for you. Your daughter passed away overnight. She passed away," Hannis remembered of the short phone call she received from Cornerstone. Hannis said the medical examiner hasn't determined a cause of death and is still waiting on the toxicology results but she believes Cornerstone owes her family an explanation.
Published: 11:18 PM EDT June 8, 2019
Updated: 11:17 PM EDT June 8, 2019