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Florida Department of Transportation ends contract with company blamed for SunPass issues

Florida will not renew its contract with the company behind the SunPass tolling system takeover disaster that has now caused more than a year's worth of problems, an FDOT spokesperson confirmed Wednesday to 10News. In an interview earlier in the day, Transportation Secretary Kevin Thibault told the Tampa Bay Times the state would instead re-bid the second half of Conduent's 14-year agreement. As 10Investigates has previously exposed, the state chose not to run its old system in parallel with the new system that was launched in June 2018. That meant when the new system didn't work properly, there wasn't a backup. That led to millions of backed-up toll transactions and an inspector general investigation. The Florida Department of Transporation has already imposed the maximum penalties, about $8.3 million, against Conduent for the tolling system meltdown.

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