Hagrid's motorbike ride won't allow guests when the park opens

There's apparently not enough magic at the moment to keep the new Harry Potter roller coaster ride operating seamlessly. Universal Orlando Resort tweeted that for the next couple of weeks, Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure ride will be opening at midday -- not at the park's usual 9 a.m. opening time. It says it wants people to know now before anxious guests arrive. "... This is our most sophisticated, high-performance, ride system ever - and our team needs time to take care of the ride's daily maintenance and technical support. It's been challenging for them to do that with our current operating schedule." The ride opened last Thursday and suddenly, within 20 minutes, wait times ballooned to 10 hours. A few times, lightning in the area forced its closure.
Published: 6:29 PM EDT June 18, 2019