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Your Feet deserve the best!

NABOSO is the WORLD'S first barefoot training mat created by Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist Dr Emily Splichal.  Backed by science and research, the benefits of working out barefoot include.......the foot is the gateway into the nervous system which means that if we can WAKE UP the feet then we tap into the foot to core sequencing / stability pathway of the body. The faster our feet and core "talk to each other" the more force we can produce, the faster the change of direction, the reduced risk of injury.  Most training mats & yoga mats are too soft and work against activating the small nerves in your feet. NABOSO is specifically designed to activate the small nerves in your foot allowing you to train smarter, more efficiently, less injury and with better results. Dr Splical joined Great Day Tampa Bay with more details.  The NABOSO mat is available on nabosotechnology.com and amazon.com    

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