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Fall into healthy post summer habits

Paid segment sponsored by Chicexecs.

SAINT PETERSBURG, Fla. — ChicExecs shares products that will help you get ready for fall when it comes to health and wellness.

Acai Exotic

Adding delicious and nutrient-dense superfoods to your diet has never been easier than with Acai Exotic. The brand delivers a mouthwatering range of acai products, from ready-made bowls to pouches, to toppings, the brand is bringing the flavors of the Amazon right to your door. acaiexotic.com



VINIA is on a mission to help you unlock better blood flow with great cellular nutrition. They’re changing blood flow forever. Poor blood flow impacts your life every single day – it’s the way we think and feel. With one capsule daily, better blood flow  leads to better thinking, more energy and improved mood. VINIA is retraining your cells and giving you that limitless feeling you had when you were younger. See how $60 million, 15 years of R&D, 4 clinical studies, 8 scientific studies, and 14 patents all come together in one tiny capsule with one big impact. vinia.com/

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Migrastil brings a line of all-natural products for migraine support designed specifically for migraine sufferers. Migrastil’s vegan and cruelty-free products are only made with natural ingredients and offer effective pain relief caused by migraines and severe headaches. Their best-selling Migraine stick is easy to roll-on to tension areas and has a great cooling effect. Perfect to take on the go and just what you need to take the edge off. Who doesn’t need some tension relief these days?! All of Migrastil’s fast-absorbing creams, to-go rollers, daily capsules, and other all-natural products are Made in the U.S.  You can shop Migrastil’s line of products on Amazon. migrastil.com/

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Morning Miracle (momilabs)

Here’s the perfect product to help with seasonal allergies this fall! Morning Miracle is an all-natural alternative to allergy pills that brings effective allergy relief and clarity rather than masking symptoms. Morning Miracle’s allergy relief mix comes in convenient single-serve packages made to add in water so you can take it on the go whenever you need it. Perfect for the morning, before a hike, and just a great way to bring some clarity to your day if you don’t suffer from allergy symptoms. Offering three flavors and available with a caffeine option to jumpstart your day! You can find Morning Miracle’s congestion and allergy relief drink products on momilabs.com/

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Persik Pure Sky

You may not be wearing a mask everywhere, but we are still in a pandemic. It’s critical to keep yourself healthy by cleaning your home, car, anything you touch daily, like your cell phone and glasses!
Persik’s Pure Sky cleaning tools collection has washable cleaning clothes, with ultra microfibers that are anti-bacterial. So you don’t even need to add detergent. Wipe down your counters and car by just using water! It’s a streak-free shine you won’t believe. You can even buy them on Amazon. persik.com

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Great Day Live is Tampa's only LIVE weekday lifestyle show celebrating all things Tampa Bay! For an hour each day, we show our audience all the great small businesses, nonprofits, sports teams, events, arts and entertainment the region has to offer! Watch Java and Janelle weekdays at 9 a.m. on 10 Tampa Bay.

Meet our Hosts

Java Ingram is a New Orleans native/ Texan and is excited to call Florida home! Prior to joining Great Day Live in 2019 as host, Java served as Host of a lifestyle-entertainment show in Birmingham, AL. She also woke up dark and early, weekday mornings to help drivers make it to their destinations safely as a traffic anchor.

Java started her on-air broadcast career in the birthplace of Elvis Presley, Tupelo, Mississippi. In Tupelo, she served as morning news anchor, producer and reporter.

Java is an award winning journalist, having been recognized by the Associated Press for best anchor, best reporter and best franchise reporting, just to name a few.

When she's not working, Java is very passionate about giving back to the community having served on the corporate boards for The Boys and Girls Club of North Mississippi, The Civic Ballet Company, The Doniphan Dance Project and the Leadership Council for the Boys and Girls Club of Central Alabama. She has also volunteered with a number of civic organizations.

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Janelle Martinez was born and raised in Tampa and is beyond excited to be part of Great Day Live! She loves the idea of sharing all the “great” people, places and things her hometown has to offer.

Janelle met her husband at the University of Florida, and they are raising their three daughters to be die-hard Gator fans. She fell in love with all things “Gators” while she was a member of UF’s Dazzler Dance Team.

After graduating with a degree in telecommunications, Janelle worked in markets across the southeast. She has had just about every job in television news over the course of her more than 15+ year career. She anchored evening newscasts in Sarasota, Winston-Salem and Charlotte, NC and even helped people get around town as the morning traffic anchor right here in the Tampa Bay area. She’s covered big stories and small ones, rode out hurricanes and traveled on presidential campaigns. But by far, her favorite part of working in television is telling your stories. She’s thrilled to be able to do that every day on Great Day Live




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